Here comes the Sun

Abhishek Pratapa
2 min readJun 1, 2016

When I was born, my mom told me that I didn’t utter a single sound. I didn’t cry, moan, whine. Maybe I had birth complications, fluid in my lungs, a weak body. But I’d like to think it was because I always loved my sleep. Sleep was so calm and peaceful, and whisked me away to a land where the laws of physics, and society didn’t apply. Now I can’t seem to stay asleep for longer than four hours a day.

It turns out that the most successful people in society only get four hours of sleep a day. Richard Branson, Kanye West, Bill Gates all only getting this magical number of four. They also tended to be some of the happiest people in the world. And their ability to take tremendous amounts of stress, is quite amazing. So one may conclude that that these individuals are genetically predisposed to be successful. However, the diversity that we see in that pool of “successful people” shows otherwise.

The thing about loving something is that sleep is something that takes you away from it. For those of us where life has a deeper meaning, a singular focus, a goal, life is better than the comforts that our dreams have to offer. That’s why they call it “Living your dream”. The comfort of achieving your goals, is simply enough. So find something that comes easy to you without second thought, and hammer away. Something special is bound to happen.