I think that I tend to group execution with ideas themselves. Most people tend to not do that, but hey we all do what we do right? The hardest part of executing something in my opinion is knowing what to do. A good idea for me not only encompasses something with a massive upside, but also something I feel is in the range of ‘I can do it today’ to ‘It’s stretching my capabilities to the limit’.

For example, building and selling a flying car is an interesting concept. Naturally a couple of questions come to mind: How do you build it? What is it’s unique selling point? Does it economically make sense for me? Do I even care? What kinds of regulation/backlash should I expect? etc…

I think the best way to explain it is in terms of society. There are a lot of beautiful women in society. Is it a good idea for me to date all of them? Probably not. Finding that one girl (there are many that may fit the bill) that I can be compatible is similar to finding an idea for me. But that’s just my opinion.

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