Life Optimizations: The Body

Abhishek Pratapa
3 min readApr 16, 2018


I value my time.

I came to this realization when I started a job and MY time became more valuable to be. There are three main indicators I’ve identified of being an “Adult” (sarcasm intended).

  • The first being fiscal responsibility, various apps out there to accomplish this. for example, being a particularly useful one.
  • The second being accomplishing goals/ambition. A life tracking app is an example of how to track your life goals and make sure that your habits are conducive to accomplishing these goals. Kind a hard thing to do, many TODO lists try to do this and fail.
  • And the third being health, and personal fitness. Again seems simple enough, however most don’t seem to have to discipline necessary to follow through.

Recently, I’ve gotten into a rhythm of working out, and I’ve recognized that there is a lot of information/noise out there. These tidbits of information boiled down to two things.

  • Nutrition
  • Actually Lifting weights

Optimizing for these two things, how can I get as big as possible? Good question right?

As a classically trained Mechanical Engineer, I could use engineering to my advantage. I’m not a particularly disciplined guy but, what I lack in discipline can be made up for in code and engineering.

The first solution was a feeding tube, bought a couple of components from Home Depot and created a cap that attached to any Smart Water bottle. I filled these water bottles with liquid that had the right ratio of proteins, carbs and lipids required for growth.

The second step was to create an EMS shirt that automatically made sure that my muscles were essentially worked out enough for growth. Note I supplemented working out with the EMS shirt, I didn’t replace working out entirely. This would have been extremely painful/almost impossible.

I made sure to create a savy iPad app that allowed me to control the shirt as well as removable electrodes so I could machine wash the shirt.

I will be updating my progress every week on this blog post. See you April 22.