The Dream

Abhishek Pratapa
2 min readFeb 17, 2016

When I was young, I was a big dreamer. I dreamed about flying; Pirouetting and spiraling through the air.

Whoosh! I feel the wind against my hair, as I do a loop de loop; the jetpack humming as I zip around the air. I hear a dog talking to me as it goes by in a car, flying through the clouds. “Bark, Bark!” Floating above the world, I see everything is so small under me. “Alice, show me something beautiful” I call out. “Sir, there is an amazing fountain near your location”. I look around searching for it, and it shows up in my display as a red cross. X marks the spot. I zip forward towards the fountain.

“Ring Ring” a phone call. It was my mom calling me for dinner, that’s for later. It was just starting to get dark as the sun set on the horizon. Large slow moving blimps were delivering thing below me as I zoomed by “Zip, zip, zip…”. I was almost there.

The water jets must have been 30 stories and as clear as glass. Swerving left and right through the pillars of water, I see people tossing pennies for good luck.

In the distance I see the space mining-ships lifting off, with the hope of bringing back valuable treasures. As I continue flying, I see the robot farms underneath me, making more food than anybody in the world could eat. A sharp left, and the city was in my view. Large robots were building new skyscrapers every single day. Its also where I lived. I see the coast line in the distance, large pinwheels turn making power for us all.

“Boom!” I hear an explosion as a drill punches through the earth. Geo-thermal was becoming the new green, at least thats what my dad told me. It was because the pinwheels were killing the birds.

Tubes stretched out over the ocean, and in them there were little pods, that carried people to anywhere in the world. My dad worked in Paris. He would take the pods every morning and come back just before the sun set. My Parents wanted to stay in New York because dad loved the city.

“Mom, is calling you back.” “No, Alice I wanna keep going.” “Manual override, Mom is bringing you back” I hated when she did that. I turned around and zoomed back home. And as the last bit of light dies, the view takes my breath away. As I descended through the clouds, my world fades. And I wake up, trying not to let the dream slip away.